Firn is found under the snow that accumulates at the head of a glacier. It is formed under the pressure of overlying snow by the processes of compaction, recrystallization, localized melting, and the crushing of individual snowflakes.


Firn is a static site generator for org-mode. It is tailored for wikis, knowledge-bases, simple static sites &tc. Firn is built with Clojureº. If you are viewing this document in your browser, then you are viewing the output of a Firn site.

I built Firn as a personal tool to catalogue Projects and Research as well as other experiments, quotes, ideas &tc. To read more, visit Metaº.

Current State

Firn is currently in development and has the following features available at the time of writing:

  • Available for Mac + Linux

  • Development server with file reload.

  • Basic logbook summing and graphing

  • Templating/Layout system built on Hiccup

With several avenues for future features:

  • Tag support.

  • Better logbook charting/graphing.

  • Using inline source blocks to evaluate or apply code/styles.

  • A plugin system.

  • A SCI repl for debugging or inspecting data in the server mode.

Firn's progress and planning is monitored in this file, but larger features and fixes are also available on the source code's project board.

I cannot stem a tributary, I cannot carry all that water.

  • Arth, on finally exiting the endless forest.