This wiki is a collection of notes on projects, research, time tracking and logs created by The Ice Shelf.


Files in this wiki generally fall under one of three pillars:


Topics with associated deadlines, tasks, and discernible artifacts. Projects may be a software library, a game, an album of music, a podcast, &tc.


Topics of analysis, generally lacking task lists, or artifacts. Research informs projects.


Content grouped by date, rather than topic. A log might cover reflection on building a game jam, an off-hand thought on a new programming language or otherwise non-categorized, date-based observations.

A Typical File

Most of the content on this wiki follows a similar format. All content files are written in org-mode which are then processed by the Firnº static site generator to be made available online. Files are linked between each other using org-roam.

Most files are arranged similarly for consistency and for easy processing via Firn. In most files, you are likely to find these org-mode heading (bold).


Contains information about the file itself: general time-tracking, log-books, and other key-value meta-data in a properties drawer.


Content that was/is useful to the file at hand, and will often link to other places within the wiki, as denoted by the º symbol.


Ongoing and completed tasks for the project. When Firn processes a file it collects log-books from all headings and makes them available to the file as a whole.


All general (public) information that is to be published in the resulting html file when processed by Firn.

Any other org-mode headings will not be processed and remain internal to the file.

Logging Time

Individual tasks are noted down in the tasks headline, and clocked in/out. Firn aggregates logs for each file, and also appends them to a site-wide log.